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Solar Skirting That Works Best

Our stainless steel PVC coated Solar Skirting is effective in preventing birds and rodents from nesting under your solar panels. It also allows the natural flow of air through without impeding rainfall even in the heaviest of storms. Solar Skirting reduces the risk of fires and installing a guard will prevent you from risking your life by trying to clean under the solar panels yourself. Here at Gutter Guard Specialists, we can help with both quality supply and expert installation, or if you prefer a DIY solution talk to us about our top quality DIY kits.

Benefits of Solar Skirts:

  • With no more nests, leaves and twigs under your solar panels, you can prevent the risk of fire hazards.
  • They eradicate birds, rodents and vermin from nesting and eroding your roof and corroding your gutters from their waste.
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