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Our gutter guards are efficient in preventing leaves and rodents from entering your gutters. It allows the natural flow of rainwater without being clogged. Also, it reduces the risk of fires and installing a guard will prevent you from risking your life by trying to clean the gutter yourself. Here at Gutter Guard we can help with both quality supply and expert installation, or if you prefer a DIY solution talk to us about our top quality DIY Kits.

Benefits of Gutter Guards Include:

  • With no more leaves and twigs in your gutter, you can prevent the risk of fire hazards
  • They eradicate birds, rodents and vermin from intruding into your roof

We Offer Two Different Types of Mesh

Expanded Aluminium Mesh

Hole Size: 3mm X 4mm
Thickness: 1mm
Uses: Gutter Guard, Bird Proofing
Coating: AkzoNobel D1010 Premium

Premium Woven Aluminium EmberGuard

Hole Size: 2mm X 2mm
Thickness: 1mm
Uses: Gutter Guard, Bird Proofing, Ember Guard (up to BAL-40)
Coating: AkzoNobel D1010 Premium

We Offer Worry Free Installation, or DIY Kits

Worry Free Installation

• Leave All The Hard Work To Us
• All Work Guaranteed
• All Materials Guaranteed
• Experienced Professionals

Supply Only

• Do It Yourself Gutter Guard
• Supply Only
• Installation Guides Available
• Delivery Available

Our Premium 2mm Woven EmberGuard adheres to Australian Standard AS 3959-2018 to be used as an ember guard for Bushfire Attack Levels — BAL-12.5, BAL-19, BAL-29, and BAL-40.

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